Be The Leader Collection by Sheila Martin

Be The Leader Collection

36 customizable Instagram graphics for realtors

Are You Ready to Be the Leader in Your Community?

What if you had a way to help your community during these difficult days ... while growing your business at the same time?

And what if you could use Instagram to provide that help ... in just 10 minutes a day?

Well, now you can.

BE THE LEADER is a collection of 36 Instagram templates to help you shine the spotlight on helpful resources and deserving local businesses in your community ... starting today!

Combine images with text for a beautiful feed

“Agents with an eye-catching, consistent visual style on social media are destined to attract their ideal clients.”
– Sheila Martin

What's in the Collection?

  • This collection includes one template pack containing 36 professionally-designed Instagram graphics, in several styles for variety in your feed
  • You can personalize the graphics with the free Canva desktop software. Quickly add your website URL or contact info. (Watch the video to see how.)
  • You can re-use each image again and again (which makes them a terrific investment)

Posted on Instagram, with captions you write for YOUR community, these graphics will provide practical support, while keeping you top-of-mind with your audience.

27 Community Resources

Become the unofficial "Concierge" for  your community, with information on everything from how to help healthcare workers to how to be a virtual volunteer to how to support local businesses. The Getting Started Guide includes several articles that will help you discover what your community offers, so you can write informative captions.

6 Conversation Starters

Position yourself as a source of valuable information to anxious home buyers and sellers. With these images, you'll encourage people to ask you all the things worrying them about pre-approval, staging, closing day, and more. And you can edit most of the text to any question you want! (The handwriting style text is a custom font.)

3 Quote Graphics

Elevate your brand and add variety to your social posts, with 3 pre-made inspiring quotes. (You can also delete all the text and add your own quotes. And, in any of these graphics, you can easily change the colors to suit your own branding.)

How It Works

Inside The Templates PDF, click on one of the links to open that template pack inside Canva, and then personalize each graphic with your own URL or contact info. Watch the video below to see how.

Important: This video shows graphics from the larger Joyful Mornings Bundle, but the tutorial on how to edit in Canva works the same for every collection.

Is This You?

Tell me if this sounds like you: You love your community and the people who live there. It pains you to see so many families and businesses struggling through this chaotic year. 
What if there was a way you could support and lift up your community ... while at the same time be attracting new leads and referrals?
That's exactly why I created BE THE LEADER ... a collection of 36 Instagram templates to help you shine the spotlight on deserving local businesses and resources in your community - right now. 
So if you want to step into a leadership role in your community, these Instagram templates are just what you need to get started. And you can get it all done in just minutes a day.

Who Is This For?

Brand-New Agents

You don't have a wealth of past clients or industry contacts to tap into, or listings to promote, so you need to find fresh ways to stand out.

By being first a giver (with posts that offer valuable support for your community), you're positioning yourself as a confident newcomer, with a focus on the people you're here to serve.

Sharing social posts can be a powerful way to generate leads and referrals for your new business, without any need for a marketing budget.

Experienced Agents

You've seen extraordinary changes and disruption in the industry these past few years, and you understand that only those agents who adopt new ways of thinking are going to survive.

Rather than endlessly posting your own listings and personal photos, you're ready to step into a leadership role in your community.

By highlighting the local businesses and services you admire in your Instagram feed, you'll be strengthening your relationships with them (and with potential clients) ... which can ultimately lead to more clients and referrals.

Top 1% Agents

You've worked hard. You're on the top. And you want to stay there.

Posting helpful resources for your community will show your followers that you care about their well-being.

You're already a master of networking and relationship-building, so you no doubt have a vision for what a strategy like this can do to elevate your profile even more.

And you truly understand how genuine support for others turns into powerful referrals down the road.

Sheila & Teddy

Hi, I'm Sheila Martin, a writer and graphic designer from Victoria, BC. I teach creative realtors how to increase their impact and influence through building a strong personal brand.

I've been publishing and marketing digital products online since 1999, and have built dozens of websites.

I'm not an agent myself (too much of an introvert!) but I'm fascinated with your industry and the crazy changes you're all going through.

That's why I am creating these template collections ... to simplify (and elevate) this one piece of your marketing: posting on social media.

Questions You Might Have

Can I share these templates with colleagues or friends?

Alas, no. Your purchase is for your personal use only. They cannot be shared with colleagues or team members. If you have an assistant who takes care of social media for you, it's of course fine to let that person have access. And if you'd like a quote on team pricing, just send me an email or a chat message here and I'll get back to you.

Do I need a paid Canva account, or can I do everything in the free account?

Yes, you're in luck! The FREE Canva account has everything you need to personalize these graphic templates.

I'm not a designer. Can I really do this?

Yes, you can! As with any new app, there's a small learning curve, but if you watch the How It Works video above, you'll have the basics. And if you want to learn more, Canva has all kinds of quickie videos to make you an expert. The link to their Design School is in the Getting Started PDF.

Can I make the edits on my phone or iPad?

Canva does have apps for IOS and Android. However, these Kits might be too large to open properly on your phone or tablet. So I recommend a laptop or desktop to edit them. (But you can post the completed graphics from your mobile device.)

How do I publish my graphics?

There are so many options! From right within Canva, you can publish directly to the platform of your choice: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter.

Or you can save the graphics to Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, or your computer, and then upload them to an approved scheduler like Later, Planoly, or Plann. 

You can download all the graphics in a Kit, or just the ones you choose. 

Why is there a charge from Sea Breeze Digital on my statement?

Don't panic! That's us!

You might see a reference to Sea Breeze or Sheila Martin on your credit card or PayPal statement. Sea Breeze Digital is the business name that we operate under to sell a variety of digital products and online courses, including this one. 

Can I try some samples?

Yes, you can! Download and play with 6 free samples from the Joyful Mornings Bundle (a separate product). And if you have any questions, just open a chat by clicking the chat icon on the bottom of this site.

Ready to Start?

Watch the HOW IT WORKS video above, and then start playing with your templates.

In no time at all, you could have a week or month's worth of gorgeous new posts queued up and ready to start helping your community (while building relationships with your future dream clients).