Welcome to the Smooth Move System Video Course + Printables

Hi, I’m Sheila Martin and I’m glad you’re here!

In The Smooth Move System, you’re going to take yourself from overwhelmed to organized … in five easy steps.

Here on the Dashboard, you’ll see 5 main modules, one for each Step. Inside each module are all the video lessons for that Step.

I encourage you to complete Step 1 – Design Your Unique System – before diving into any of the other steps. Why? Well, think about building a house. You want to get the foundation into the ground, before you can start the framing.

In the Smooth Move System, your foundation is the task management system and structure you’ll be setting up that will make it easier for you to handle every other aspect of the system. So, after you watch the Step 1 videos, take the time to make your choice about which app or style of board you’ll be using, and then get to know all its short-cuts and power features. And finally, decide on the broad categories you’ll use to organize your tasks.

I can’t emphasize enough what a head start you’ll gain by building this strong foundation!

Steps 2 through 5 will have at least one Printable for you – checklists, planners, and labels. Print out the ones that are helpful to you and organize them right away in your Smooth Move Binder. (You’ll be creating that amazingly helpful tool in Step 2.) Just ignore the Printables that don’t apply to you and keep moving forward.

I’ve made each of the videos fairly short … so you won’t nod off during them … and so you can quickly find a particular topic if you want to watch it again. You might also want to print out the enhanced transcripts for each step (also known as the “Course Notes” ). That way, you can make notes and highlight important bits from each of the videos. I guarantee that that will make it MUCH easier for you to remember and act on everything you’re learning inside the System.

Questions? Just tap/click the Support link or question mark at the bottom right of the page.


The Smooth Move System | Video Course + Printables

5-Step Video Course + 29 Pretty Printables

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