Joyful Mornings Bundle - Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter by Sheila Martin

Joyful Mornings Bundle - Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter

768 Customizable social graphics for  realtors

The Joyful Mornings Collection

If you haven't already seen  my Real Estate from the Heart website, you can have a look there to learn more about me  and about the strategy behind these collections.

  • This bundle is made up of 6 kits (template packs), each with 32 graphics, in several design styles for variety
  • You can personalize the images with the free Canva desktop software. Drag-and-drop your photos into place. Quickly add your website URL or contact info
  • You can re-use each image again and again (which makes them a terrific investment)
  • Each image comes in 4 sizes: for Instagram Posts, Facebook Posts, Pinterest, and Twitter
  • The whole collection contains over 750 images (6 kits x 32 graphics x 4 platforms = 768 graphics)


Combine images with text for a beautiful feed

“Agents with an eye-catching, consistent visual style on social media are destined to attract their ideal clients.”
– Sheila Martin

What's in the 6 Kits?

My Business

A fresh new way to stand out on social media. Just drag-and-drop your own photos under the pretty calligraphy banners. "Stop the scroll" with captioned photos of your listings, happy clients, Open Houses, and more. 

Conversation Starters

Position yourself as a source of valuable information to home buyers and sellers. With these images, you'll encourage people to ask you about pre-approval, staging, closing day, and more.

My Community

Become the unofficial "Welcome Wagon" for  your community, with information on everything from dining hot spots to new businesses to local events. It's a win-win-win for your prospects, community, and you!


Elevate your brand and add variety to your social posts, with inspiring quotes (many about Home). You can choose from several styles and colors within the collection. 

My Life

When folks are trusting you with the biggest and most expensive decisions of their life, they want to feel comfortable with you as a person. These pretty photo captions will help them decide you're the agent to call!

Special Days & Seasons

Connect with and delight your followers with posts that celebrate the day. From "Hello Summer" to "Happy Belly Laugh Day," we've got you covered!

How It Works

Inside The Templates PDF, click on one of the links to open that Kit inside Canva, and add your own photos and URL. Watch the video below to see how. 

More Samples

Conversation Starters

Get your ideal clients calling YOU!

My Business

A new way to market your business

My Community

Celebrate local businesses


Add variety to your social posts

Special Days & Seasons

Sized for Insta, Pinterest, FB, Twitter

My Life

Show them who you are

Sheila & Teddy

Hi, I'm Sheila Martin, a writer and graphic designer from Victoria, BC. I teach creative realtors how to increase their impact and influence through building a strong personal brand.

Questions You Might Have

Can I share these templates with colleagues or friends?

Alas, no. Your purchase is for your personal use only. They cannot be shared with colleagues or team members. If you have an assistant who takes care of social media for you, it's of course fine to let that person have access. And if you'd like a quote on team pricing, just send me a chat message here and I'll get back to you.

Do I need a paid Canva account or is the free account enough?

Yes! You're in luck! The FREE Canva account has everything you need to personalize these graphic templates.

I'm not a designer. Can I really do this?

As with any new app, there's a small learning curve, but if you watch the How It Works video above, you'll have the basics. And if you want to learn more, Canva has all kinds of quickie videos to make you an expert. The link to their Design School is in the Getting Started PDF.

Can I make the edits on my phone or iPad?

Canva does have apps for IOS and Android. However, these Kits are too large to open properly on phones or tablets. So you'll need a laptop or desktop computer to work with them. (But you can post the completed graphics from your mobile device.)

How do I publish my graphics?

There are so many options! You can download all the graphics in a Kit, or just the ones you choose. From right within Canva, you can publish directly to the platform of your choice: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter. Or you can save the graphics to Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, or your computer, and then upload them to an approved scheduler like Later, Planoly, or Plann. 

Why is there a charge from Sea Breeze Digital on my statement?

Don't panic! That's us!

You might see a reference to Sea Breeze or Sheila Martin on your credit card or PayPal statement. Sea Breeze Digital is the business name that we operate under to sell a variety of digital products and online courses, including this one.

Can I try some samples?

You can! Download and play with 6 free samples from this Joyful Mornings collection. And if you have any questions, just open a chat by clicking the chat icon on the bottom of this site.

Ready to Start?

You might want to pick a single platform (maybe Instagram?) and one or two Kits (maybe Conversation Starters and My Business). 

Watch the HOW IT WORKS video above, and then start playing with your templates.

In no time at all, you could have a week's worth of gorgeous new posts queued up and ready to start attracting your dream clients.